Bringing Science to cannabis to improve patients’ lives

The future of cannabinoid development

We are a team of pharmaceutical experts, doctors and researchers focused on unique delivery systems and unique formulations that are symptom specific

EU-GACP-GMP Dried Flower

GMP API Supply Chain

industry leading

Research & Product Development

At its core, CannaPacific is a cannabinoid biotech company with a clear strategy to win the long & short game of the cannabis industry

Plant Science R&D

Our team has a proven record in developing novel plant species

Growing & Extraction

Vertically integrated GACP & GMP supply chain for flower and bulk extract

Clinical Data

Controlled trials in specific patients in specific doses

Patient Access

Strong doctor and clinical engagement model to drive sales of current products

The CannaPacific team has a proven track record in the manufacturing of  controlled substances (narcotics) and advanced genetic breeding

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Accessing Medical Cannabis in Australia



Assistance for patients considering medical cannabis treatment


Information for doctors prescribing CannaPacific products.

Pharmacy Orders

Support for pharmacies dispensing CannaPacific products .

professional support

Health Care Professionals

Through our partnership with Aleafia Health (Canada), we have access to 70,000 patient data and 15 million individual data points from Canada’s largest clinic network.

Integrate Cannabinoid treatment into your practice

Our free online SAS B prescribing tool works on your computer, in your clinic, is simple and efficient, GP focused and easy to use. Get access to;

Online SAS B prescribing tool: streamline approval and prescriptions

Advice for prescribing and dose titration.

Free education, training, videos and case studies