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About CannaPacific

CannaPacific is an Australian biotech company focused on the cannabinoid pharmaceutical sector. CannaPacific has engaged internationally recognised academic partners as well as service and technology providers for the development of registered cannabinoid-based medicines.

About Us

CannaPacific is an Australian domiciled biotechnology company with a focus on developing novel, cannabinoid-based medicines for patients with unmet medical needs. By combining advanced molecular breeding technology with a traditional approach to drug development CannaPacific seeks to build a global therapeutic offering with an initial focus on Palliative care and post-traumatic stress disorder.

CannaPacific’s strategy is to attain a world-leading position in the field of cannabinoid science through the research, development and commercialisation of cannabinoid molecules as authorised pharmaceutical products.

CannaPacific will manufacture its pharmaceutical products to meet the stringent cGMP requirements of the US FDA, EMA, Australian TGA and other global regulatory authorities. CannaPacific controls all facets of plant-based cannabinoid production, product development, manufacturing and commercial distribution.

CannaPacific is licenced by the Australian Government to cultivate and research medicinal cannabis products via its 18ha manufacturing site near Byron Bay, NSW. The site will perform molecular and genomic plant breeding R&D and will cultivate unique low cost, compliant cannabis strains for the production of novel cannabinoid-based medicines.


We are proud to work with our partners to deliver one of the most advanced cannabis genomic breeding programs in the world 

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