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CannaPacific and the University of Newcastle join forces to progress an advanced medicinal cannabis breeding program

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NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA – Monday, 14 Sept 2020 – Australian biotechnology company CannaPacific along with the University of Newcastle and Xing Technologies, today announced they are working together to develop one of the most advanced medical cannabis genomic breeding programs in the world.

With a team highly experienced in translational research on high-value products from medicinal plants, the collaboration will focus on novel traits of cannabis plants, applying cutting edge techniques to engineer novel medicinal cannabis varieties, driving reduced variability, and increasing productivity.

Through the development of genetic markers, we can identify specific parts of the plant genome that are significant, and select which plants to incorporate into our breeding program in order to combine desirable traits such as specific cannabinoid profiles and yield, and track these markers through subsequent generations,” said Professor Christopher Grof, Director of the University of Newcastle’s Centre for Plant Science. 

“This will provide CannaPacific with the ability to produce cultivars that accumulate the desired cannabinoid content to support the development of new medicinal cannabis treatments and novel cannabinoid product formulations,” said Tim Bowser, the Chief Scientific Officer at CannaPacific.

Through a collaboration with the biotechnology company Xing Technologies, the team have the ability to fast track the identification of molecular markers which when coupled to CannaPacific’s broad selection of genetically diverse medicinal cannabis varieties, will drive the development of new low-cost formulations for the improved delivery of medicinal cannabis products.

CannaPacific ensures product quality along the entire supply chain, extraction and manufacture are performed by Tasmanian Alkaloids, a leading cGMP medicinal cannabis service provider and a global leader in the production of pharmaceutical ingredients from medicinal plants.

CannaPacific also has a research collaboration in place with Tasmanian Alkaloids, a global leader in research on medicinal plant extracts, allowing the team to access a substantial stock of genetic material.

CannaPacific and the University of Newcastle are aiming for a long-term collaborative research partnership, including PhD students who will experience the future of plant science whilst embedded within both CannaPacific and Xing Technologies.

CannaPacific is licenced by the Australian Government to cultivate and research medicinal cannabis. This includes an Office of Drug Control location undisclosed approved regional cultivation and research facility in Northern NSW. No cannabis plants are kept on-site at the University of Newcastle.


“CannaPacific’s scientific program working with global industry technology leaders combines advanced genomic and molecular breeding technologies to advance the development of novel cannabinoid medicines,” Tim Bowser, Chief Scientific Officer for CannaPacific


About CannaPacific:
CannaPacific is an Australian biotechnology company focused on the cannabinoid pharmaceutical sector. By combining advanced molecular breeding technology with a traditional approach to drug development, CannaPacific seeks to build a global therapeutic offering with an initial focus on palliative care and post traumatic stress disorder.

CannaPacific’s strategy is to attain a world-leading position in the field of cannabinoid science through the research, development and commercialisation of cannabinoid molecules as authorised pharmaceutical products.

CannaPacific operates a cultivation facility nestled in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland in northern NSW. The production facility includes a 10,000 sqm Dutch glasshouse and high-security outdoor cultivation area.

About medicinal cannabis:
Governments at both Commonwealth and State and Territory levels have implemented legislative and policy change to allow the cultivation, manufacture, prescribing and dispensing of medicinal cannabis products for patients in Australia. https://www.tga.gov.au/medicinal-cannabis-guidance-documents

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