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Eleanor is a 42 year old divorced woman with two 
young children.

She works part-time as a primary school teacher and is also caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. Eleanor describes feeling ‘stressed’ and ‘worried’ all the time and finds that she worries about small things concerning the children.

She does not sleep well and often finds it hard to concentrate. After her divorce 8 years ago she was prescribed an antidepressant but ceased it as she found it unhelpful. She tried CBT but did not engage well with the therapist. She refuses to consider taking an antidepressant again and makes frequent clinic appointments to discuss a variety of concerns.

A locum clinician gave her lorazepam some months ago and she has returned to the clinic several times seeking prescriptions as she feels it is ‘the only thing that helps.’ Currently using 5×0.5 mg doses most days. She is an otherwise well lady with no regular medications.

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Increasing reliance on benzodiazepines in the setting of anxiety with suboptimal response to first-line treatments.

Adverse outcome to well-being and social function

Consider the role of Medicinal Cannabis

You can download this case study as .pdf


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