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e3D Pharma with the University of New South Wales to research cannabinoid actives for PTSD and Anxiety treatments using translational behavioural models.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA – 28th June 2021– e3D Pharma, a subsidiary of CannaPacific, today
announced they have commenced a first of its kind research partnership with the University
of New South Wales using translational models to examine cannabis based actives in the
treatment of PTSD and Anxiety.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious and often chronic mental health
condition that affects around one in every 15 Australians each year (Source: Beyond Blue).
PTSD is more common in women and is a life debilitating illness afflicting 2.1% of people

e3D Pharma’s highly experienced pharmaceutical development team are producing high
purity actives isolated from in-house developed cannabis strains and together with the
University of New South Wales they are evaluating their pharmacological role in memory
consolidation within the treatment of PTSD with the aim of developing new authorised

“In our lab at the University, we investigate a number of different issues related to
behavioural neuroscience. We examine a broad range of topics, including the behavioural
and neural processes involved in fear expression and inhibition, pharmacological adjuncts to
enhance fear loss, and the effects of early life stress on physical and emotional
development. Our overarching aim is to gain a better understanding of learning and memory,
and conduct our research in a way that has potential translational value for understanding
anxiety disorders.” said Prof. Rick Richardson.

“The human endocannabinoid system plays an important role in emotional responses such
as fear and memory. With over 100 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and
manufacturing the team at e3D Pharma are committed to high quality science to fill the
existing gaps in understanding the clinical effectiveness of cannabinoid based medicines.”
said Tim Bowser, e3D Pharma’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“e3D Pharma is proud of the opportunity to work with the University of NSW’s globally
recognised expert team in the Richardson Lab in order to improve the scientific knowledge
base within this important therapy area” said Dr Mike Fay, e3D Pharma’s Chief Medical

About e3D Pharma:
e3D Pharma, subsidiary of CannaPacific, is an Australian biotechnology company focused on the
cannabinoid pharmaceutical sector.
Using a traditional approach to drug development, e3D Pharma
seeks to build a global therapeutic offering with an initial focus on palliative care and post traumatic
stress disorder.

About Cannapacific:
CannaPacific is a specialist cultivator of high quality, premium Australian medicinal cannabis
We own our best-in-class cultivation facility. It is located in regional NSW, which has the perfect
climate for cultivation. It is secure, scalable and in the process of gaining GMP certification.

About medicinal cannabis:
Governments at both Commonwealth and State and Territory levels have implemented legislative and
policy change to allow the cultivation, manufacture, prescribing and dispensing of medicinal cannabis
products for patients in Australia.https://www.tga.gov.au/medicinal-cannabis-guidance-documents

Joshua Dennis (CEO)
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