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We have a dedicated clinical team focussed on creating accessible and effective cannabinoid solutions to improve the quality of life for patients, where current treatments may not be meeting their needs.

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Integrate Cannabinoid treatment into your practice

Our online SAS B prescribing tool works on your computer, in your clinic, is simple and efficient, GP focussed and easy to use.

    This will include:

    • Optimised TGA approval pathways.
    • Integrated tools to track approvals, prescriptions, reviews and notifications.
    • Streamlined patient onboarding, symptom scoring and clinical reminders.
    • Supported prescribing and dose titration advice.
    • Provides PDF download into your patient record if you so request it.
    • Education and Training.

    SAS B prescribing tool

    Education Resources

    Support, case studies

    Through our partnership with Aleafia Health, the largest Cannabis Clinic provider in North America we have access to 60,000+ patient data and 10 million individual data points. This includes documented case studies.

    For More Information

    If you would like more information on our products and how you can prescribe please contact us on (02) 4942 6021 or email at or alternatively click below.

    For Pharmacy Orders

    Once a patient has approval from both TGA and State Health Department, they can present their script for medicinal cannabis at the pharmacy of their choice.

    Our distributor (Anspec) will then release the product to the pharmacy who will dispense to the patient.