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Bridging scientific hypothesis, resilient preclinical programs and pharmaceutical development to report statistically significant data resulting in authorised medicines

Globally Cannabinoid research and development is in its infancy. CannaPacific is well placed to meet the pharmaceutical and regulatory requirements to develop clinically proven, fully characterised plant-derived cannabinoid products. Our product development and pharmacology team consists of a network of global world-leading scientists.

Cannapacific  has recognised the need to associate novel formulations, specific medical conditions and plant science discoveries to drive the creation of meaningful patent estates supported by robust datasets from lab to vial.

The global medical communities and regulatory authorities demand statistically meaningful data to support the prescribing of cannabinoid-based medicines. CP is evolving a publication/IP strategy that will deliver a steady flow of data to position the business as a leading pharmaceutical provider.

Product Development

PHARMACEUTICAL PIPELINE CP 001 - Palliative CP 002 - Palliative CP 004 - PTSD CP 004 - PTSD Acute CP Oil - THC CP Oil - Balanced CP Oil - CBD CP Oil - CBD Pure CP S3 CBD Product Everso Sprays Everso Capsules Everso Oils Oral Oral Oral Oral TBC Spray Capsule Oil In Vitro & Animals models commenced Australian manufactured Xo Brand released Q3 In development Collaborative R&D Project Imported Product Range for Special Access Scheme in Australian CannaPacific Pty Ltd Commercial In Confidence IR ER IR ER DELIVERY PRECLINICAL SAS P1 P2 P3 SUBMIT SPECIAL ACCESS PRODUCTS IN STOCK Q3 20 Q4 20 Q1 21 Q2 21 SUBMIT


We are proud to work with our partners to deliver one of the most advanced cannabis genomic breeding programs in the world 

tasmanian alkaloids

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