Delivering one of the most advanced cannabis genomic breeding programs in the world

Plant Science R&D

Genetic Breeding Program

The initial project is focused on developing and delivering to the Australian Medicinal Cannabis industry a series of unique, bespoke medicinal Cannabis varieties. The introduction of novel traits into commercial cultivars of Cannabis, or other agricultural crops, is reliant upon forward or reverse genetic strategies. A reverse genetics approach introducing random mutagenic lesions in DNA will create unique changes in the secondary metabolite profile of Cannabis, likely impossible through conventional breeding practices. To date, directed anthropogenic selection and breeding of Cannabis has primarily favoured traits associated with industrial hemp fibre, hempseed and illicit drug uses.

This will enable CP to deliver Plant Science R&D programs that will allow the development of high assay CBD and THC content varieties together with high assay minor cannabinoid varieties.

Research & Development Campus

Our advanced Plant R & D campus is located within our secure production facility on the North Coast of NSW. The cultivation area includes 350 square metres of climate-controlled, light deprivation advanced research space.

Students and researchers have the option of onsite accommodation during their visits. The picturesque location provides the ideal work environment with the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay a short drive away.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with our partners to deliver one of the most advanced cannabis genomic breeding programs in the world